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  • Must-do activities in Cabo
    There are several must-do activities in Cabo that are highly recommended for visitors. Here are a few: 1. Land's End Arch and Lover's Beach: Take a boat tour to Land's End, where you can see the iconic rock formations, including the Arch of Cabo San Lucas. Enjoy some time on Lover's Beach, a beautiful secluded spot. 2. Snorkeling or Diving at Cabo Pulmo: Explore the vibrant marine life by snorkeling or diving in Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, known for its coral reefs and diverse aquatic species. 3. Whale Watching: From December to April, witness the incredible sight of whales migrating near Cabo. Take a whale watching tour to get up close to these majestic creatures. 4. ATV or Off-Road Adventure: Embark on an exciting ATV or off-road adventure to explore the rugged terrain and stunning landscapes of the Baja Peninsula. 5. Sunset Cruise: Experience a breathtaking sunset while sailing along the coast of Cabo. Enjoy drinks, music, and beautiful views during a relaxing sunset cruise. 6. Visit San Jose del Cabo: Take a trip to the charming town of San Jose del Cabo, known for its colonial architecture, art galleries, and vibrant local culture. 7. Playa del Amor (Lover's Beach) Kayaking: Rent a kayak and paddle your way to Playa del Amor, a secluded beach accessible only by water. Enjoy the crystal-clear waters and peaceful surroundings. 8. El Arco de Cabo San Lucas Clear Boat Tour: Take a clear boat tour to explore the marine life around the Arch of Cabo San Lucas. Observe colorful fish, rays, and other fascinating creatures through the boat's glass bottom. 9. Camel Ride and Desert Adventure: Embark on a unique camel ride through the desert landscape of Cabo. Experience the beauty of the desert and enjoy the company of these friendly creatures. 10. Explore Todos Santos: Take a day trip to the charming town of Todos Santos, known for its art galleries, cultural heritage, and beautiful beaches. Discover the local art scene, visit historic sites, and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere.
  • How soon in advance do I need to book my activity?
    It's always a good idea to book activities in advance, especially during peak travel seasons, to ensure availability. However, keep some flexibility in your schedule in case you want to make changes or add activities once you arrive in Cabo. Remember, we are here to help and provide recommendations, so don't hesitate to ask for assistance or advice when booking activities in Cabo.
  • What is the best time of year to visit Cabo for outdoor activities?
    The best time of year to visit Cabo for outdoor activities is during the fall, winter, and early spring months. Here's a breakdown of each season: 1. Fall (September to November): This is a great time to visit Cabo as the weather begins to cool down from the summer heat. Temperatures are still warm and pleasant, ranging from the mid-80s to low-90s Fahrenheit (high 20s to low 30s Celsius). It's a popular time for activities like snorkeling, diving, fishing, and hiking. 2. Winter (December to February): Winter in Cabo brings mild and comfortable temperatures, with highs in the mid-70s to low-80s Fahrenheit (around 25 degrees Celsius). It's an ideal time for outdoor adventures such as whale watching, kayaking, and exploring the desert landscapes. Be aware that winter is the peak tourist season, so it's advisable to book activities and accommodations in advance. 3. Spring (March to May): Spring in Cabo offers warm and pleasant weather, with temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to mid-80s Fahrenheit (around 25 to 30 degrees Celsius). It's an excellent time for various outdoor activities, including hiking, zip-lining, ATV tours, and horseback riding. The spring months also coincide with the peak season for whale watching. During the summer months (June to August), Cabo experiences higher temperatures, with highs reaching the 90s Fahrenheit (30s Celsius) and occasional humidity. While outdoor activities are still possible, it's important to stay hydrated and take precautions against the heat. Ultimately, the best time to visit Cabo for outdoor activities depends on your preferences and the specific activities you wish to engage in. Consider the weather, crowds, and availability of activities when planning your trip.

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