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Experience the freedom of flight on our glider tour. Discover Los Cabos from above.


You do not need any flying experience to go on the Cabo glider flight. After take-off, the passenger will admire the astonishing view of Cabo San Lucas bay, the coastline of the Cortez Ocean, enjoying the view of the marina, the dolphin center, downtown, and cross toward the pacific ocean, fly above the residential area of pedregal and  it’s

multi-million dollar properties,  the rocky formations called, The end of the earth, where the two oceans meet, the divorce beach, pirate’s cave, lovers beach and the world-famous arch. There's the chance of discovering turtles, rays, sea lions, fish banks, dolphins and, in the winter time, whales.  Our glider can hold a combined 250 lbs. Safety is #1 and we take all the precautions necessary. In the event if the motor fails we just glide, our ultralight plane can glide and land with the engine turned off.


*Credit card required to hold and confirm your booking

Tandem: $158.00 Private / Group Tour: Contact Us

30 minute tour
$250 usd pp (under 200 pounds) $290 usd pp (200-250 pounds)

45 minute tour
$350 usd pp (under 200 pounds) (200-250 pounds) $390 usd pp

60 minute tour
$400 usd pp(under 200 pounds) (200-250 pounds) $450 usd pp


Departures: Year round


30 minute tour
45 minute tour
60 minute tour


Transportation: Not included


Includes: Safety instructions and flight time over Cabo San Lucas bay, "the end of the earth, divorce beach", the pirate's cave, lover's beach" and the famous "arch"

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